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Professional Customer Service By Nathan

My main goal is to provide the best customer service possible. I'd love an opportunity to earn your business. Established in 2010. Is your mobile device or smartphone not working due to water damage, broken LCD, charging issues or a cracked screen? Our cell phone repair shop is the best and cheapest option in the area for all electronic repairs. Our goal is to be the most convenient electronic repair store for you. We fix all types of phones including Androids, iPhones, Blackberrys, Samsungs, HTC and Windows Phones. We can also fix all types of tablets and laptops. Come visit us today and we'll fix your device right away! ​ Our shop specializes in phone repair for today's most popular devices. We offer iPhone repair as well as repair all types of cell phones including Android and iPhone's. Stop by today! We are registered with the State of California Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair. 

It all began with an iPhone.

 Although it’s categorized as smartphone and now it’s offered side by side with numerous other devices, no other mobile device in history carried the impact that original iPhone had when it was introduced to the world consumers and has become involved with many parts of our lives now that it’s hard to believe that it was only 9 years ago since it was delivered. Demands on the iPhone were overwhelming, to say the least, it increased so much that Apple was struggling to just keep up. This meant it was being sold out every single day. This smart phone idea was being caught on by Everyone! However, the flip side of the story is now that there are so many of them around, and having a form factor of glass covering 50% of its surface, we were beginning to get inquiries about repair more and more every day. Time for a shift in business was needed and, with the fact that iPhone was seen to be one of the hardest phones to be taken apart, no mobile phone repair shop was taking the risk of liability, at least not for the next 2-3 year after. In the meantime, we had already become the most experienced iPhone repair shop, even before such business category was conceived in or yellow pages. Until the summer of 2010, remained the ONLY business with a real storefront in the western United States that dedicated its service exclusive to iPhone repairs. Fast forward to 2016, you see the smartphone repair shops on every corner of the city, but still stands atop of every other business that mimicks our name, as our experience and workmanship skills, along with the rate of customer satisfaction, are unmatched by any competitions. We were the first to start the hobby-turned-business called and will stay as the best in, what has now become a multi-billion dollars industry, being at the front line, always close to our everyday customers.